Slide and fun!

Welldana slides are made of very strong fiberglass with gel coated surface. The slides are available in two 45 degree versions.


Pool lights are lamps used to light up your pool, and for better safety around the pool area. They also make your pool look awesome! Some lights are RGB and can change colors.


Filtration is the main function of the filter. When this function is selected, the water is being pumped down through the filter material.


For the swimmingpool to have good water treatment, in addition to chemicals and filters, you have to have a reliable and correct circulation of the water in the pool.


Heatpumps keep your pool warm so that it's ready to use at any time. Jump in and make the most use out of your pool, together with your family.

Pool Controllers

The chemical system ensures that the chemistry can be controlled precisely and that the water values, such as The pH value and chlorine value are always within the ideal range.